Whenever I lose my keys, a sudden alarm is built in me: “Where are they? I am in a hurry! I have no time for searching! What was my last move? I have to remember..!”. The moment I find them, I feel like an explorer who has detected the most valuable treasure. I grab them and off I go!

Lately I have made another magical discovery. There are specific keys which land in front of my eyes with grace and elegance. These keys have so many powerful functions:

  • They unlock my courage to share deep secrets.
  • They let inspiration flow around.
  • They open the doors of receiving love.
  • They remind me of the value of making a pause for the sake of absorbing a tasty moment.
  • They are wise enough to advise me about the soothing effect of forgiveness.
  • They transform me into a Key.

And as a Key…:

  • I am filled with curiosity to open hidden messages.
  • I wait for the appropriate moment of disclosures.
  • I am aware of my locked points.
  • I show self-compassion, in order to keep on unlocking.
  • I feel safe in my key ring.
  • I am happy, when new fellow-keys are added next to me.

Because as a bunch of keys:

  • We can be playful.
  • We create our rhythm, while moving around.
  • We are ready to go deeper into the mystery of unlocking.

This group of keys are never lost; nor are they found.

They appear only under a specific condition: whenever the willingness of discovery flies high.


May the new year bring the power of curiosity to each one of us.

May we become Keys willing to unlock our stiffness and shed Love and Light around.


*Dedicated to my dear friend Marilena with her unique power of unlocking love and trust.