Visual Words

As a trainer I devote my passion and my expertise in:


  • Understanding the human behavior.
  • Organizing a strategy for conceptualization.
  • Transmitting my knowledge by writing a metaphorical story for my trainees.
  • Helping my trainees write their own story through creative and playful techniques.
  • Prompting my trainees though the Visual Words to become more resourceful.


The Visual Words are images printed as postcards. Each postcard is the product of a specific story which is written for a client or a colleague. The stories may be connected to different people with unique life events, but we all identify ourselves with parts of the story or the images.


The Visual Words can be used independently. They have written quotes on both sides, which augment the prompting effect.


The quotes and the images on each postcard enhance:

  • emotional expression
  • awareness
  • motivation for change
  • commitment to values
  • psychological flexibility
  • perspective taking
  • therapeutic relationship
  • creativity
  • mindfulness
  • exchanging appreciations
  • communicational skills
  • self compassion
  • willingness to investigate issues such as: losses, conflicts, traumatic experiences etc


I have used the postcards in workshops and in therapy. Holding a piece of paper with unique value and meaning creates joy and a pleasant surprise to trainees and clients.


The postcards are printed with a brief manual of several ways to use them and can be sent to you by post. There are 40 postcards in a box. For more info contact us here.