Through the story writing methodology, I invite you to:

  • Gather inventiveness from present moment awareness, from loving connections and from courageous steps.
  • Choose your Muses or become Muses for others.
  • Adopt the characteristics of an artist.
  • Balance between breaking rules and following your unique methodology.
  • Read stories in order to stimulate your inspiration.
  • Be in tune with your inner voices.
  • Dare to write one or more short stories.
  • Use the story in therapy as a form of case conceptualization.
  • Connect genuinely with your client through mutual story writing.
  • Say goodbye to your client when therapy is about to end.

You will receive impactful feedback in a form of a written story. You will be asked to give the end to it or start writing a new one.

An image printed as a postcard will be sent to you by post. This will function as another prompt for more ideas.

You can receive the full package of postcards, if you want to use it with your clients.

I can help you more in this path offering training/supervision. You can contact me for a session.