Psychotherapy is a combination of research and art. Mental health professionals are gifted with creativity. The mission of Myworldsinwords is to strengthen your inspiration, in order to transform your clients’ private worlds and your own into stories, scenarios, lyrics, poems or other forms of writing.

In every minute there is a hidden prompt offering inspiration. There is no point of searching for the precious moment. Daily things, everyday interactions, common personal routines and a variety of triggers can stimulate our creativity, such as:

  • spontaneous questions by kids
  • graffiti on walls
  • flowers on a spring night
  • tears coming down on cheeks
  • red nails
  • soft eye gazing
  • packing luggages before traveling
  • diving into a book
  • sipping a morning coffee
  • fresh water on the face
  • warm blankets wrapping the body
  • the sound of rain
  • a sweet message
  • birthday wishes


Have you ever imagined how the world would be different, if we all believed in our artistic flair? Let’s produce a playful domino effect full of stories about self awareness, compassion, courage, love and authenticity. Before grabbing your pencil and start writing, you can get inspired by a variety of stories presented in myworldsinwords.com

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