Tyche is a Deity governing the fortune.

Tyche is Luck in Greek.

Tyche can be wily.

She appears under several dresses.

She may be shining at first sight.

She can be invisible.

She could be wrapped in bizarre clothes.

Her disguise may confuse you.

She may slip through your vision.

But how can you spot her?


Tyche can be your ally.

Your guardian angel.

Your wise mentor.

Only when she opens the door of your Intuition.

The moment you can listen to your intuitive voice, the Deity of Luck stops having multiple shapes.

Even if she keeps disguising herself, because she likes being playful, you will enjoy the game.

You will let yourself transform into a different creature as well.

You can become a wise elephant.

You can be a powerful zebra.

It does not matter what the transformation is, as long as you will always wear your Instinct.