I am not sure if I am a religious person. I know that I am a believer though.

I believe in the power of transformation. The one which uplifts the spirit.

I have faith in the things that become holy entities: the spicy perfume, the spontaneous smile, the traditional sweet of every country, the salty vibes of the ocean…


I believe in the magic synthesis of the dialectics. I show respect for the bitter and the sweet, the light and the heavy, the hard and the soft, the normal and the abnormal. As a faithful prayer I find my way through the opposites. Being surrounded by Angels of Inspiration I manage to act according to a plan of Metamorphosis.


I believe in the corrective life experiences which awaken the sensation around my nostrils. I choose my own rituals to show my devotion to combine the thesis and the antithesis. I sprinkle cinnamon on a slice of orange as a balancing offering between the bitter and the sweet. I feed myself and get in touch with the senses which are evoked.


The power of Awareness enhances this personal ritual. Its grace enlightens my way and softens my hard parts.


I am sending my warmest wishes to you all, religious or not, who desire to be enlightened and inspired in your life. Let’s set ourselves in an authentic mode and be in tune with our own Faith.